Friday, 2 August 2013

When stories are woven by grace

Welcome to another foray into Five Minute Friday where we write freely and words are captured with no over-thinking, over-editing or worry about perfection. 

It is a great creative exercise, scary and strangely liberating all at the same time, and really challenges you as a writer.

Today's prompt is:'Story'


Weaving a story

Image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.Net

Words must flow. A story begs to be heard. Ears are ready to receive even as heart quakes and hand shakes in the telling.

Pour forth your words as water. Only in the unstopping can we be free.

Life needs to be shared as gift for another wounded soul to see and receive.

Our offering becomes the opening of a door to their freedom.

Let loose the words, pain and shame of a story you didn't choose to be part of. 

And in the undoing, unravelling, relief will come.

We are the ones chosen to be glory revealers.

Our lives the tale of God's greater narrative on the earth.

A story of hope, healing, forgiveness, renewal and redemption.

With lives made new.

Slowly, tenderly, God draws all the messy, tangled threads together with warp and weft of His choosing.

Weaving the pattern He desires to make.

Where we see knots He sees new opportunities.

Making a thing of beauty.

A showcase of His grace.

And as we yield to the Author and perfector of our faith our chains fall loose. 

We can stand free.

A life washed clean, anointed and equipped by Love.

A story of restoration waiting to be shared.

Our stories woven into the fabric of eternity.


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  1. Beautifully written! As I read, I see His hands working with the different strands of color, some bright, some gray and seemingly unattractive in our lives. Yet, when He is finished, there we see that He was/is

    "Making a thing of beauty.
    A showcase of His grace."

    Thank you for the wonderful word picture!

    1. Yes, Holly, not all the strands are bright with promise in our eyes but, thankfully, they are to God! The "gray and seemingly unattractive" spaces and places of our lives are where His grace shines all the more. Thank you for this lovely comment. I'm so pleased you stopped by.

  2. I loved this. Thread in His hand, designed for His plans...
    may we continue to surrender o His work!

    1. This is beautifully put:"Thread in His hand, designed for His plans" and so apt. Thank you for stopping by to encourage me.

  3. Joy,

    "Let loose the words, pain and shame of a story you didn't choose to be part of. "

    You're right. We often spend a lot of time wishing we were part of a different story, or worse, trying to write ourselves into another one. And what we need to do it embrace the one we're in.

    Great post. Loved it.

    1. Yes, Anne. I was in that place for a long time. Many of us feel stuck there until the realisation comes to "embrace the one we're in". Thank you for your insights.

  4. I just told a friend last night that I'd like to see the bigger, culminating picture of my stories...a weaving together. This is beautiful.

    1. Wouldn't we all, Rebekah? God often allows us glimpses along the way, knowing that one day all will be revealed. It gives us hope when we feel trapped in the tangled threads. I hope and pray you will receive a glimpse to encourage you.

  5. Wonderful, Joy! God told me a while back that one of my jobs as a writer was to make magic and weave stories, so this means a lot to me.

    1. What a wonderful revelation word to hold on to! Thanks for stopping by and sharing with me here, Keren. Keep weaving, my friend.

  6. 'Life needs to be shared as gift for another wounded soul to see and receive' ...
    And in the sharing stories are told, stories of JOY and redemption and love.
    I am so glad that you have a blog. I enjoy your words, always an inspiration.

    1. Patricia, your kind encouragement means a lot to me. Thank you so much for inspiring me to keep pouring out the words! Bless you :)

  7. Wonderful as always :). The part about sharing stories with other wounded souls resonates with me. It is so true and takes bravery at the same time. A pleasurable read. Hugs from Rebekah!

    1. When sharing stories of woundedness, brokenness and pain, I have found that courage comes in the doing of it. Each stepping out in faith is rewarded by His peace. Our God is faithful. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Rebekah. I really appreciate you too!

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    1. Hi Lucy. Nice to see you here! Thanks very much for stopping by to comment. Bless you.

  9. I love the imagery of the threads and the metaphor of our stories as tapestries.

    Great post!

    Laura Hedgecock

    1. Thanks very much, Laura! It's very sweet of you to stop by and leave a lovely comment. Bless you.

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    1. Thanks very much, Ruth. I really appreciate your kind comment.