Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A message we all need to hear

Some of us can wait what feels like a lifetime to hear the words, "I love you" from a person's lips.

Maybe it's a parent whose validation and approval we've never had.

Or a sibling who failed to get over their early resentment of us.

Perhaps you long for these words from a loved one ~ friend, partner, husband, child.

Because who doesn't want to be and feel loved? It's hardwired into our system.

And God knows that. It's why He sent Jesus.

Such love. Such grace. 

This is love way beyond our imaginations ~ total, unconditional love from the One who knows all our faults, flaws and failings yet loves us just the same.

How do I know?

I've looked into the mirror of His word. Seen, read, accepted and believed its truth ~ albeit falteringly at times ~ and lived with its constant presence.

Witnessed it countless times in the countenance of my loved ones; the acts of love, grace and care lavished on this unworthy woman could only be God-inspired.

My heart has expanded to make room for it, and it keeps on growing because this is a love beyond measure that fills the universe itself ~ Uncontainable. Limitless. Eternally giving. 

I've experienced the fathomless forgiveness of it gratefully in my wayward heart. 

Human love is bound to disappoint us at times, wound up as it is in our woundedness. 

Sometimes it feels like sweet nothingness, all candy fluff with no lasting substance.

Deep down we long to know we really matter to someone, we are loved. Hear someone saying, "I love you".

And my friend, even if no-one has said those three magic words to you, God has and will continue to whisper them loud until you believe Him.

Because faith and trust open the door to His Presence.

He will not barge in.

He waits patiently ~ the most ardent Lover of our soul ~ to be given admittance.

The Hound of Heaven pursues us quietly and relentlessly through the years. We matter that much to Him.

God will never give up on you ~ even if everyone else has ~ you can trust Him and His faithfulness.

How does this eternal Love speak to us? In myriad ways. 

In every sight and sound in creation, in the very air we breathe, release and receive, in every beat of our hearts ~ we find solid ground in the things we believe from His word.

My friend, please hear and receive this truth today ~ you are loved far more than you will ever know.

You are precious to the One who engraves you on the palm of His hand, walks beside you every moment, longs to be in relationship with you.

Nothing can separate you from His everlasting love which covers you here into eternity.

He always answers hearts hungry for His Presence

Rest in the revelation that you are outrageously, radically loved by God Himself ~ it will literally change your life.

As you listen to the video below, let it's message hit home and impact your heart with His amazing love.

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  1. oh yes, yes, Joy ... He is the only One who fills the gaping soul with love and comfort so yearned for. no one else will do ...

    1. Amen to this, "He is the only One who fills the gaping soul with love and comfort so yearned for". Thank you, Linda, for your lovely response. :) x

  2. Love you, Joy. Thank you for hearing His whispers.

    1. I'll keep trying to listen well, my friend! Blessings and love :) xx

  3. Joy, you are right. This is a message we all need. I'm so thankful for His love!

    1. When this truth embeds itself in our heart and soul we cannot help but be thankful. Thanks, Joan, for joining in the conversation. :) x

  4. Thank you, a very encouraging message and so true.

    1. Hi Joanna. Good to see you here! Thanks for stopping by, friend. Bless you :) x

  5. Great post, Joy. And the video from Dad was beautiful. Now to just believe all He has told us in His love letter. To believe it and not argue against it. That would be victory.

    1. Thank you. I love the video too, Anne! You've put your finger on the trickiest bit ~ living out the truth of this message, "to believe it and not argue against it. That would be victory." Indeed. Amen, my friend.

  6. Thanks for your words today. They've been timely.

    1. So pleased to hear this spoke to you, Jeanne. Bless you for stopping by to let me know! Thank you :) x

  7. Just exactly what I needed to hear today, Joy. Thank you.

    1. So pleased to hear this has encouraged and blessed you, Helen. Thank you for sharing, my friend. :) x