Friday, 10 July 2015

Letting go and moving on

Much of my life lately has felt like a waiting season where I gaze wistful as others go about their days.

A place where quiet speaks loud of all God desires me to hear.

For several months now I've been asked to sit still, to rest, to learn the value of silence and contemplation as I pace and recover from a relapse in the M.E symptoms.

I ache to birth the books within, to engage more fully socially, to be a more active participant in life's journey.

Summer's vitality and colour spring up in abundance all around me, offering invitation to embrace, join in. And it's been hard feeling set aside, being less active than before.

But I've needed to learn to heed what is required of me and what needs to be let go of.

And as I listened more closely, I sensed God asking me to widen my vision for this blog and writing in general. He has more planned for me than I ever imagined.

His timing may not be one of my choosing but will bear the most fruit for the future.

'Words of Joy' has a new home at on WordPress. It seems I've outlived this space. 

It's time to move on, stretch out faith-fingers toward an unknown future.

It feels scary, uncertain and strange right now. Change doesn't come easy for me. I ache for safe and familiar. Maybe you too?

But truth be told, without the stir of change I'm in danger of stagnation and sinking into an unthinking, albeit comfortable, routine.

We all need change. It's inevitable and essential for opportunity and growth, learning, maturation and adaptation, for all the new things God wants to reveal to us.

Change will look different for each one of us but it will stretch and teach us just the same. So I am readying myself for the inevitable as God calls me elsewhere.

Meanwhile, letting go and moving on also feels quite liberating and strangely exhilarating too. 

An act and leap of faith into the unknown...

A new home. Fresh start. Trusting that words will come as before. Trusting God knows what lies ahead.

It won't be an all-singing-all-dancing site - I'm not tech-savvy enough for that. But it will have a warm welcome waiting for you just the same.

Because home is where the heart is, right? And my heart is always in my writing.

The new place is still very much a work in progress, just like me.

I hope you'll extend grace as we make it a comfortable space to be together.

The paintwork is still a bit wet behind the ears, much like its owner.

There may be several alterations to come, some furniture to shift around.

But I sense I should move anyway and trust God to show me how to shape it as I write.

Because without Holy Spirit inspiration, grace and equipping I wouldn't be able to write at all.

Come and join me at the new look 'Words of Joy'I'd love to have your company.

Please re-subscribe there to get new posts delivered to your in-box. 

Here's my new address:

Coffee's on..see you soon! Blessings and love, 
Joy :)


  1. I wish you God's blessings as you stretch your wings and fly to where He leads you, Joy! Hugs!

    1. What a lovely blessing. Thanks Trudy! It is my heart's desire to "stretch my wings and fly to where He leads" me at the new site and in life in general. Do come over and have coffee with me there. You'll always have a warm welcome, my friend. Blessings and hugs. Xx