Wednesday 10 September 2014

Dying to live

Sap remains in the vine. Life signs are present. Colour and vitality depleted but not gone for good.

As I muse on the waning of plants and summer flowers, the colours of russet and gold midst green-leaved trees, I see myself mirrored in them.

I'm in an autumnal season. Time to let loose, let fall all that is withered and dead within me. 

Prepare for the loosing, shedding, pruning, the dying-back of Winter and its attendant frosts and chills before Spring comes again.

Time to embrace grace, make space for new life to spring up in the place of signs of death.

I'm a walking-wounded one, with a desire to die to those things that are no longer fruitful. And to take hold of all that nurtures, enlivens, and breathes fresh hope into my soul.

So what does it look like? Something like this..

Writing brave, bold and free, but only as God suggests and directs.

Listening with greater intent to His voice, His word, His plans and purposes, my life and body ~ and heed what they're all saying to me.

Dying to selfish ambition.  

Dying to people-approval.

Dying to perfectionism.

(Yes, I know, they will take some time to fade away, never mind die! )

Living to please God first and foremost.

Living in a way that reveals Jesus in me.

Living the best I can with all my flaws, human limitations and imperfections, while God is slowly transforming me from the inside out from one degree of glory to another.

Staying connected to The Vine.

Staying receptive to God's voice.

Staying open to the possibility of change beyond anything I dare to ask, think or imagine.

Trusting that I am enough because Jesus is enough and He lives in and through me.

Trusting that words will flow as they need to from a surrendered mind and heart.

Trusting God to work in and through the works of my hands and bless others in the process.

Letting go of yesterday so that I am ready for the Now and the Still to Come.

Letting these words speak for themselves, just as they are, no overly zealous editing.

Welcoming in a new season of the soul, warming myself in His gaze, being refreshed in His Presence.

And why do all this?

To quote contemplative monk, Bob Holmes in his insightful post, 'Putting the Spirit back into Spiritual Practice':

"We die to ourselves to make it possible to put our spirit first."

For, unless this frail flesh falls to the ground and dies to itself (its own selfish ambition, ways of understanding and living), we will have no seed to sow or harvest to come. It is only as we look to the Lord to give us light, sustenance and daily watering with His word that we begin to come alive on the inside.

Then, as new plants, we can grow tall and strong by His grace. Our leaning on and learning from Him are the means to a changed soul from the inside out.

Will you join me? I hope so. Companions are essential on this journey. Together we are stronger.

Let's keep offering up our lives as a sacrifice of praise to the One who gives us daily breath and grace Here, Now, Today, Always.

Instead of living to die, we could try dying to live ~ more fully and freely than we ever imagined in this life and beyond.

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  1. Amen. I, too, long to "take hold of all that nurtures, enlivens, and breathes fresh hope into my soul" and to trust God more. Blessings to you, Joy. Hugs!

    1. Trudy, I am praying you will receive this blessing and so much more besides as you take a necessary rest and breathing space. Blessings and *Hugs* to you. :) xx

  2. Beautifully wise and poetic words, Joy! I highlighted the post on the Christian Poets & Writers blog - You're in my heart and prayers. Love you!

    1. Mary, you have blessed and encouraged me big time by your visit! Thank you so much for your kindness in sharing this post on the Christian Poets and Writers blog. Your prayers are truly welcomed and appreciated, my friend. Blessings and love. :) xx

  3. Thank you, Joy, for all your prayers, kindness, and understanding.

    1. Trudy, it is a pleasure to know you and be able to lift your concerns to the Lord in prayer. Rest well, dear friend. :) x

  4. Love your thoughts, Joy. "Dying to Live" Such an appropriate way to to describe the process and one I need to remember every hour of every day.

    1. You and me both, Eileen. Thanks very much for stopping by! I haven't been able to be active in the TW group for a few months now and it's good to reconnect with you again here. God bless you, friend. :) x

  5. Replies
    1. Yay! Good to have you on board, Lorretta. These bodies of ours may be weak and frail and drawing closer to death each day, but our spirits are ageless and timeless. They grow stronger as flesh fails us and they embrace life in all its fullness. Amen, friend. :) x

  6. You've captured the lessons of nature so eloquently, Joy, and applied them in a soul-stirring, life-changing way. I need to let certain habits die, in particular, so God can bring new life, new joy. Bless you for sharing. Any friend of Shelly Miller's is a friend of mine!

    1. Hello Lynni. It's lovely to meet you and see you here! Thank you for stopping by to read and leave a sweet, encouraging comment. I really appreciate it. Blessings and love. :) x