Wednesday, 26 September 2012


Welcome. I won't keep you long. It's true I love to chat - as those who have read previous posts or follow me on Twitter can attest. My prose and poetry seem to have grown exponentially longer as my confidence in sharing them has grown too. Oops!

Verbosity is probably my middle name

And it's just so easy to go on and on..and on..But, fear not, I am going to be brief today.

Sighs of relief all round, do I hear?

I'm simply offering you a pause for thought to catch your breath and appreciate the glory of the natural world around you with its own cycle of continuation and change.

I have provided a Poetic Aperitif below to whet your appetite. More to follow soon!

Your own thoughts and reflections are, as always, very welcome.


Drifting, burnt wood-smoke
A filigree tenderly 
kissing the boldness of sky -
Dropping into the lap
of a thousand hills
that rise
noble and strong
as the earthiness
that supports them.
Languor of years
stretching timelessly,
as the theme
repeats itself
to our own
pulsating melodies.


  1. This is my favourite poem you've posted, I think. Lovely imagery, pace and rhythm.

  2. So pleased you like it Sam. It is my favourite too - if I'm allowed to have one! Hard act to follow now as next topic likely to be different.