Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Seeking His Presence

As we approach the Thanksgiving and Advent season, thoughts turn toward Christ's coming to earth. 

Here, in infant lowly lies our Lord and Saviour.

Here, we touch holy ground.

Yet it can all pass us by in the rush and hurry of preparation for Christmas.

Just lately, a distant and distracted air has swirled around me. My mind focused on those things I enjoy to the detriment of those I need to pay attention to.

My beloved is getting exasperated with my M.E brain fog showing up most whenever he asks something specific from me. I hear, respond with scant attention, and drift off again.

Want me to write? No problem {usually}. Want me to listen attentively to instruction/information/give an intelligent reply and opinion? No chance.

And I don't think I'm alone with this malaise. It's also creeping into my relationship with God.

I aim to spend quality time with Him and I find myself clock-watching, chasing thoughts, wondering when I can get a coffee, falling asleep...Zzzz...

Yes, I am always tired, always fuzzy-headed, likely to drift off. Coffee, rest and pacing help a little but fatigue sits ever-present with M.E.

In seeking to write regularly ~ because I love to ~ and wanting so much to engage with the world through social media, I am in grave danger of missing the most important part of life and the point of Christmas too. 

I am not learning to truly listen to my life. Heed what God is trying to say to me through it. In simply going with the flow I've been missing the fullness. 

In the humdrum and ordinary we have potential to experience the pulsating thrum of extraordinary.

To bend ear, mind and heart. To be aware, alert and sensitive to Holy Spirit's whispers on the wind.

He longs to meet with us in the here and now and we pull away to catch the urgent instead of the important.

And I still puzzle over which is which.

Now I sit aware of the struggle and tussle for my time and attention, and I am beginning to sense a need to draw back a little from the everyday.

Christmas itself needs preparation and organising, and ~ most important of all ~ I need to be immersed in God's Presence.

Maybe you do too?

For it is the best place to ready ourselves to hear from Him. Prepare heart and mind. Learn to be attentive. Absorb His words and reflect on them.

Pause and pray.

Listen to God's heartbeat and tune into His voice.

Be immersed in the One who has immersed His life with ours as Holy and heavenly meeting soiled and earthly.

Can you hear Him speaking?

I sense Him whispering close:

"I AM is here ~ 

I am the One who loves you completely and unconditionally.

I am your Comforter in troubles, your Anchor in any storm, your peace in the midst of problems, your Joy beyond measure.

I am your Saviour, Lord and King.

I am for you when all else is against you.

I AM Emmanuel ~ God with you, always"

As we light a candle, remembering Christ as the Light of the World, the wonder of it all hits us anew.

He is here.

And that makes all the difference in the world.


~ Thoughts float as butterflies in my mind and God pins them down in poetry and prose
~ Catching dawn rising and capturing anew the wonder of a day's beginning
~ Delight over the safe arrival of our first grandchild, God's gift of a beautiful boy
~ Being weighed heavy with pain and chronic illness but God giving ability to carry it lightly
~ Family, friends, loved ones, home, hearth, and celebrations to come


To aid me in the approach to Advent I am reading from 'Christ the Light of the World' ~ A devotional by Thomas Kinkade {which I was blessed to win in a blog giveaway}, and 'Advent Reflections' by Anita Hunt

Ann Voskamp's latest book, 'The Greatest Gift' looks set to encourage and inspire us just the same way as 'One Thousand Gifts' has. It's particularly suitable for the Advent season and beyond. It is a great way for families to share in preparing their hearts for the Christ-child. 


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This week's prompt is:'Letter to fill you in' where we share what is going on in our world, heart and head right now


  1. Hi Joy,
    Thank you so much for mentioning my Advent Reflections. I really hope it blesses and encourages your heart this Advent.

    1. My pleasure, Anita. I'm sure it will do just that and prepare me for the Christmas season. I need this time to be quiet and reflective more than usual and your devotional book will be a great aid in that process. Thank you! Blessings :) xx

  2. Oh yes. I got back from a conference last week that knocked my socks off and left me with a deep challenge to re-order my priorities. Suddenly writing seemed secondary to spending time with Him - time spent in His company left me wanting more. And then I'm left wondering what place writing has now, and if perhaps He is calling me not to DO something for Him with my writing as I've believed (and wanted so badly to believe) but calling me to BE something instead, at least for now.
    He is here. We are loved already, just as we are. And our purpose in life is to be in relationship with Him.
    Thank you so much for this, Joy. Thought provoking and beautifully put, as ever.

    1. Dear Helen, God will always find a way to let us know if other people or things have stolen the first place in our heart that rightfully belongs to Him. Maybe this is a season for you to simply BE rather than DO. There is a time and purpose for everything, my friend. And it sounds like you are being prepared for drawing closer to God after the blessing of the conference. He may want to teach you things as you linger longer in prayer and contemplation.
      This could be training ground and great blessing all rolled into one. My heart echoes your words, "He is here. We are loved already, just as we are. And our purpose in life is to be in relationship with Him". Oh yes. Amen to that! Such an insight will guide you into His will and ways while providing comfort and reassurance that you are loved and valued for being your sweet self. You are enough. Thank you for stopping by to offer your own lovely thoughts! Blessings :) xx

    2. Thanks for this, Joy.You are a wise lady and your writing makes me feel much more peaceful. x

  3. Hallo Joy, thank you for this beautiful blog with intense words. You are a wise, gentle woman :-) Possibly the difficulties on your path (tiredness, pain) have formed you. I love to translate you blog in Dutch. One sentence touches me: "I need to be immersed in God's Presence." Me too, Joy!

    So glad you enjoy your first grandchild.

    1. Hello Jedidja. Good to see you here, my friend! I have no doubt that life's thorns prick sharp yet help to make and shape the person God is causing us to become. So much is learnt in those dark night of the soul moments, in trials and tribulations. How we would wish it were different and God could make the refining process easier! But He has only our good at heart as He works in everything to bring about His purposes.
      May you truly find peace, rest and joy as you become immersed in His Presence this Advent season.
      Yes, we are delighted to have a new member of the family! A sweet grandson is a great gift and blessing. :) xx

  4. What an excellent reminder of what's important! Thank you so much for this and for joining us for Letters To :-) x

    1. Thank you, Ruth! I am honoured and delighted to join you once more for the #lettersto link up. It is such a blessing to see how God takes the topic and makes it unique for each one of us. Blessings Xx

  5. 'He longs to meet with us in the here and now and we pull away to catch the urgent instead of the important.'
    I am definitely guilty of this. Just lately my time with God has been next to nothing compared with the countless hours I allow myself to fret and worry and panic about any number of things! Sometimes we all need a little reminder of where our attention is best focused.
    Thank you for linking up with us once again! x

    1. Indeed we do, Sabrina. Our attention and thoughts soon stray into other territory and our forgetful hearts lead us into fretfulness and worry rather than reminding us of God's continual loving provision and care. I'm so glad you could relate to this and see it as "a little reminder of where our attention is best focused". And how we need reminders like this when life gets extra busy and demanding! It's always an honour and privilege to link up with you. Blessings of peace and strength :) xx